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Most Popular Questions.

This works by delivering live channel data packets over the internet and provides live decoded tv channels to your set top box, laptop, smart tv, and more.
There are some apps you can get which are free but this is not as good as going with a best iptv provider such as Smarters IPTV

Yes, it is possible to start your own IPTV service and become one of the best providers but you will need certain licenses then middleware software such as Xtream Codes or Xtream UI.

You would also need a billing system and platform and your own player for your customers to use.

Yes if they have the correct licenses from the main suppliers then yes most are legal and also this depends on which country you are based in or which TV channels you are watching
If you are using one of the quality providers then you should not have to worry about needing a VPN but one is always recommended to always keep your IP address and privacy secure

We have listed the most important pre-requisites you need for any supplier you choose:

  • A quick internet speed for both download and upload (Ideally 10Mbps download speed and above)
  • Make sure there are not too many devices in your household taking all the bandwidth away from your device
  • Have an Device such as a firestick, smart tv, android, laptop, or Apple device to connect to your suppliers service

There are 2 types of buckets that a subscription can be put in.

Verified Providers
These are providers that have apps on the google play store and apple ios store. There are not many providers with this as sometimes Google and Apple can be liable for any copyright infringement caused.

Unverified Providers
These are most of the providers you find via search engines, Facebook, Friends, Adverts, etc. These types of providers have the most channels and are very fairly priced.

what is iptv

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television and it’s a system that allows you to stream digital content over the internet. Some of the most well-known providers are Disney, HBO, Netflix, and Hulu.

This is the future of online television due to its versatility and super fast way you can access your favorite live TV channels without the need for a Satellite Dish or cable installation. Plus it is accessible on any device and in any country making this super convenient as well.

You can stream any popular bargain tv iptv and some of the providers content using devices such as Amazon firesticks, Smartphones, smart TVs and many more devices you may own.

The 2 main ways of watching streams is using either a

Smart TV – All smart TVs now are able to access your suppliers content with ease and deoedning on the brand of your Smart TV it will use a different app.

Set top box – These boxes can be the likes of a MAG box but also can be any other home entertainment iptv box such as a firestick, Roku TV or android tv box.

You can use the tutorial section of our website or blog to see how to best set up your provider subscription with whatever device you may own.

The most common way to watch the tv streams is on a firestick following this guide How To Install IPTV On Firestick

Internet protocol television works differently from your standard Satellite and Cable installation.

For example, Satellite systems work by converting radio waves which get converted to your Satellite decoder box which ultimately gives you a picture on your TV screen.

what is iptv

Cable works the same as Satellite but the radio waves are sent via cables buried under the ground at fast speeds. The issue with both of these methods is that you get a live feed directly but you can not control the live TV channel.

Internet protocol televison works all through the internet so imagine sending an email, Its is a little like this as it downloads the content quickly and displays the live TV channel on your TV.

The IP TV uses data packets that download very quickly to the client’s device and is all processed over the internet at high speeds it’s a very efficient way of transmitting data from the origin (Your Provider) to the destination (Your box).

You have a lot more control over what you can do when streaming live TV channels and allows you to pick and select which channels you want and don’t want by telling your provider to tweak the service.

Below are just some of the extra functionality you can gain over any other digital viewing method.

Storing Channels
You can use Catch UP TV with some providers due to the programs being electronically sent over the internet so this allows either you or your supplier to save previously shown TV shows so you can watch them when you want.

Save Bandwidth With IPTV Compression
This year in 2022 there is a new compression format that some providers are using called H265 instead of the H264 this allows you to save a lot of bandwidth with the TV streams being 25% to 50% less data when streaming.

what is iptv

This is important if you have a slower internet connection wherever you may be or if you have a monthly cap on your Internet allowance.

IP Multicasting
This is a method that your provider can use if many of thier clients are trying to watch the same channel at once and to stop any server capacity problems.

This allows one data packet to serve many different client boxes at the same time saving a lot of resources for your IPTV supplier hosting server.

IPTV Protocols
When you stream channels you are basically downloading little parts of the live TV channel at a time using a protocol called RTP which stands for Real-time protocol or the RTSP which is the Real-time streaming protocol.


what is iptv

The Service does not run on protocols such as HTTP or FTP as these are made for web-based browsing and downloading.