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How To Create Your Own Iptv Channel Lists For Kodi – 2024

How to create your own IPTV channel lists for Kodi

Tired of trying to find iptv channels that suit your viewing preferences? Do you feel that traditional cable services are too limited and not personal enough? If so, then Kodi is the answer. With Kodi, you can create your own iptv channel lists that suit your needs. But where do you start?

Below are the necessary steps to create your own iptv channel lists for Kodi.

Step 1 – Select a streaming service

Before starting this process, make sure you are subscribed to an IPTV service provider and have access to live TV channels. Set up an account with the streaming service of your choice and get an m3u file containing the channel they offer.

Step Two – Download and install PVR Easy Client

You need to install PVR Easy Client on your Kodi software. To get started, go to Settings, then select add-ons, then ‘Install from repository’, proceed to ‘Kodi add-on repository’ and install PVR Easy Client.

Step Three – Configure the PVR Simple Client

After completing the PVR Easy Client installation process, select Configure. In the second option select ‘Remote Path’. Click Browse on the ‘m3u’ bar and select the file containing the channels from the streaming service you subscribe to. Finally, select ‘OK’ in the lower right corner of the screen.

Step Four – Add channels to the playlist

On the Kodi software, navigate to Home, select TV and press ‘Left’ to display the sidebar. Select ‘Playlist’ and hover over ‘Live TV’. After selecting ‘Playlist Settings’ it’s time to add your channels.

On the left side of the screen, under the ‘Channels’ tab, select ‘Import Channels’ and add the channels from the m3u file. Hold down the ‘ctrl’ or ‘command’ key to select multiple channels. Click ‘OK’ to save your changes.

Step five – create categories

At this stage, you can segment your channels based on your needs. This makes it easy to find channels under specific categories. On ‘Playlist Settings’ select ‘Manage Categories’ and create any categories you want your channels to fall into.

Step Six – Organize the channels

Under ‘Playlist Settings’, select ‘Manage Channels’ to move channels into their respective categories created in step five. Repeat this step until all channels reflect their respective categories.

Step Seven – Play your channels

Go back to the ‘Live TV’ option, and your channels will now be visible. Enjoy!

Creating your own IPTV channel list for Kodi is a great alternative to traditional cable services. With these seven steps you can easily add the channel you want, create categories and find the content you want. The process may be a bit difficult at first, but with practice, it will be easy to navigate.

in conclusion

Having complete control over your viewing preferences can be challenging, but you don’t have to fret anymore. Kodi provides a platform that allows you to customize your viewing experience to your satisfaction. The steps above will get you started with creating your own IPTV channel list for Kodi. Get started today and experience the power of customization at your fingertips.

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