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How To Remove Iptv Stalker – 2024

How to Remove Iptv Stalker

Iptv Stalker is a popular and widely used IPTV streaming service. It offers a wide range of channels and live events, making it a popular choice for viewers around the world. But what to do if you want to remove Iptv Stalker completely? Here you will find instructions to help you.

Step 1: Uninstall Iptv Stalker from your device

The first step in removing Iptv Stalker is to find and uninstall the application on your device. Depending on the type of device you are using, the process to uninstall the app may vary slightly.

For most Android devices, this process involves navigating to the Application Manager in your device’s Settings menu and scrolling down until you find Iptv Stalker. Once you find the app, click on it and select the “Uninstall” option.

If you are using a non-Android device, such as an Apple device, the process to uninstall Iptv Stalker is slightly different. In this case, you may need to select the app and drag it to the trash to delete it.

Step 2: Remove Iptv Stalker files from your system

After uninstalling the application from your device, some files of Iptv Stalker may still remain on your system. To remove these, you can use a simple application like CCleaner.

CCleaner is a free program that you can download and install on your device. After installation, just open the application and scan your system for residual files of Iptv Stalker. CCleaner automatically detects and removes these files, freeing up space on your device’s hard drive.

Step 3: Clear your browsing history

If you have streamed content using Iptv Stalker, there is a good chance that your browsing history contains traces of this activity. Clearing your browsing history is an important step to ensure that your device does not contain any leftovers from Iptv Stalker.

To clear your browsing history, open your browser’s settings menu and select the “Clear browsing data” option. From there, you can select the time period you want to delete (e.g. last day, last week, or last month) and which types of data to remove (e.g. browsing history, cookies, cache, etc.).

Step 4: Run a malware scan

Even though Iptv Stalker itself is not considered malware, there is always a risk that you may have accidentally installed malware along with the application. Running a malware scan is a good way to ensure that your device is free of malicious software.

There are many free and paid anti-malware programs online. Simply download and install one of these programs and follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your system.


Iptv Stalker is a powerful streaming service that offers access to a wide range of content. However, if you want to remove the application from your device, the simple steps outlined in this article should help you do so. By uninstalling the application, removing any remaining files, deleting your browsing history and running a malware scan, you can ensure that your device is free of any traces of Iptv Stalker.

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