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How To Sort Iptv Channels – 2024

How to sort IPTV channels

As technology advances, the traditional way of watching TV is becoming obsolete. More and more people are switching to IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), which allows them to watch their favorite TV channels online. If you’re an IPTV user, you must know how frustrating it can be to wade through hundreds of channels to find what you want to watch. But don’t worry, in a few simple steps you can sort IPTV channels and save yourself a lot of time and headaches.

Step 1 Create an M3U playlist

The first step to sorting IPTV channels is to create an M3U playlist. An M3U playlist is a file that contains a list of all the channels you want to watch. There are two ways to create an M3U playlist. The first way is to create them manually by adding each channel’s URL one by one. The second way is to use an online M3U playlist generator tool that will create the playlist for you.

Step 2: Open M3U Playlist in VLC Player

Once you’ve created an M3U playlist, the next step is to open it in VLC Player. VLC Player is an open-source media player that supports IPTV streaming. You can download VLC player for free from the official website. After downloading and installing VLC player, open it and select “Media” from the menu. Then click “Open Network Stream” and paste the M3U playlist URL in the given field.

Step 3: Sort channels in VLC player

Once you open the M3U playlist in VLC player, you can sort the channels. To sort the channels, click on the “View” menu from the menu bar and select “Playlist”. This will open the playlist window, you can see all the channels in alphabetical order. To sort the channels, right click on any channel and select “Sort by Name”.

Step 4: Create custom folders

If you have many channels, sorting alphabetically may not be enough. In this case, you can create custom folders to organize your channels. To create a custom folder, right-click on any channel and select “Add to Playlist”. This will add the channel to the playlist window. Then right click on the added channel and select “Create Folder”. Give the folder a name and drag and drop other channels.

Step 5: Save the playlist

Once you’ve sorted the channels and created custom folders, you can save the playlist for future use. To save the playlist, click on the “Media” menu and select “Save playlist to file”. Name the playlist and place it where you want.


Sorting IPTV channels may seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools and techniques it can be done quickly and easily. You can organize your channels by creating an M3U playlist, opening it with VLC player, sorting channels alphabetically, creating custom folders and saving the playlist, and enjoy watching your favorite shows without any hassle. So, go ahead and try these steps and let us know how it worked for you.

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